Franchise Opportunity




That is the legacy and the strength of NEW BORN as a one of the leading apparel brands, invites you to be a part of our world of advantages, come be a franchise partner with us.

NEW BORN founded in Cairo in 1990, is now one of the leading retailers of apparel and accessories for men in Egypt.
NEW BORN Egypt, established in 1990, is the leader that provides strategic support, logistics, and management to NEW BORN‘s franchise partners across the region and is also responsible for NB‘s Expansion and Franchising across the Globe.
NEW BORN‘s success is deeply rooted in its five corporate business values of Quality, Knowledge, Innovation, Service and Simplicity.
Today, the NEW BORN group operates more than 50 stores in Egypt and plans to explore many more untapped markets across region and the world.
The essence of NEW BORN is to provide relevant, essential and timeless fashion for all and to develop apparel for everyone regardless of ethnicity, nationality or culture.


What's the Trading Franchise?

We can define our franchise project as a deal between two parties, first part is NEW BORN Franchising donor (The Franchisor) who has a practical experience and a rise in profits and annual sales ratios and who gives his trade name, Business System, Mechanisms of action, administration, quality control, Store design,……etc. and the important thing is the training also on all this points to the second part who will have the right of NEW BORN franchising (Franchisee).

The Franchisee should be committed with all conditions of the franchisor, and agreed to a follow-up mechanism for the enjoyment of the brand name NEW BORN that has an excellent reputation in the Egyptian market.

Our Franchising Deal enables monopoly rights to work within a certain geographical area alone (in case agreed before between the two parties) and the agreement includes all rights and duties.

As well as the foundations of the financial relationship between them and how the transfer of expertise and knowledge.


What are the advantages and benefits of being 25 franchisee?

Our franchise program is a proven business model requiring minimum capital investment we advocate simple operations and flexible store planning.

Our Franchise Team will provide you the required operational support along with focused training program, ongoing communication, store development assistance, lease negotiation advise and business guidance to enhance the success of your business.

The availability to using the Brand name of NEW BORN 

Take advantage of the success story of the NEW BORN and recurrence

Full Training continuously on all operational process a, transfer experience and career knowledge.

Any time technical support from NEW BORN administration

Get involved with NEW BORN‘s systematic marketing process

Specific Technical Training (STT) in how to manage the franchise project

Supply Products with Special Prices (SPsp)

Provide Advertising and Marketing support

Accept restore or replace the goods unsold provided that safety (Egyptian Markets)

Participation in the NEW BORN‘s sales program POS*.

Prepare a comprehensive study of the products that fit your geographical location.

Provide a barcode for each product, which supplies through electronic order

Provide you with the uniform of workers (summer and winter).


Will consider appointing more than one franchisee / agent per country?

We prefer to appoint one franchisee per country. However, depending on the country’s geographical size, population and business potential, we can review other options.


What is the minimum investment required in a shop? (Includes shop set up and merchandise)?

Each location is different. Normally the initial investment will vary depending on the store size, build out costs, location, etc. A store of 250 square meters would require. Approximately us 1.000.000 EGP - for set-up and merchandising. Additionally you will require adequate cash flow for your day-to-day business and operations.


What are the guidelines for the store location & recommended store size?

Location is a critical point for the success of any business. We recommend that stores are located in prime shopping malls and high street locations to attract adequate foot traffic and customers.
Ideal NEW BORN store average sizes are 2
00 to 500 square meters. Franchisees can be also consider opening a large flagship store of at the least 250 square meters. Should an appropriate location be available.


Where dose source its merchandise?

Majority of NEW BORN products come from our factories in Cairo. All our merchandise goes through stringent quality inspection and control before they are shipped from the factory to our various markets.


What is the Average Retail Selling Price for the products?

The average retail selling price is around 300 EGP to 600 EGP.


What support in operations, marketing & advertising can franchisees expect?

NEW BORN‘s support to our Franchisees includes the following:

Store Development – We provide information on store design and development as well as visual merchandising layout which would help the franchisees in their store set-up.
Visual merchandising (VM) – We provide VM in-store guidelines to the franchisees. Our franchise support team will regularly interact and communicate with your team.
Marketing and advertisement – To assist you in promoting the brand effectively, we provide campaign images, artwork for window posters as well as marketing ideas and suggestions. We also regularly share information of our latest in-store promotional activities.
Training – Our training center in Cairo, Egypt will provide guidelines and on-the-job training in Sales & Operation, Visual merchandising, customer service and Buying.


What are the documents required from prospective franchisees?

Financial position and the availability of adequate working capital to have.

Speech about your interests in NEW BORN.

Agreement from The Company on the location of the project and the applicant for the project.

Study of the competitors, who want to work on.

Information about the company’s management team.

Business Plan of action for a period of three years.

Official Trade papers (previous business – Commercial Registry – tax card – a license to practice the profession – the lease or property).