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founded in Cairo in 1990, is now one of the leading retailers of apparel and accessories for men in Egypt.

Newborn Egypt, established in 1990, is the leader that provides strategic support, logistics, and management to Newborn’s franchise partners across the region and is also responsible for Newborn’s Expansion and Franchising across the Globe.

Newborn’s success is deeply rooted in its five corporate business values of Quality, Knowledge, Innovation, Service and Simplicity (Q.K.I.S.S).

Today, the Newborn group operates over 50 stores in Egypt and plans to explore many more untapped markets across region and the world.

About World Without Strangers

Newborn’s philosophy of “World Without Strangers” transcends its origins and develops enduring trust and strong relationships with consumers across all borders and cultures.The essence of Newborn is to provide relevant, essential and timeless fashion for all; and to develop apparel for everyone regardless of ethnicity, nationality or culture.Our products incorporate the latest innovations in fabric technology, ensuring superior quality and great value. Newborn is a brand for everyone, everywhere.Newborn’s Local success story has been featured as a case study at the Egyptian Market. The company has also received consumer recognition for its commitment to the consumer satisfaction.


Newborn’s Vision is – “Be the first choice to our customer through the continuity of excellence and developing the product whence quality, design and fashion”


The brand’s Mission is – “Ambition, Continuity, Reach to customer Loyalty, New Fashion Collection, Market adaptation and competitor analysis”.

Corporate Values
Enabling Our Customers to Enjoy the Fashionable Collection
Quality, Knowledge, Innovation, Service, Simplicity

The average size of each store is between 150- 250 square Meters. The average total size for all stores are over 7800 square meters in key locations in Egypt and looking forward to expand it locally and all over the Globe.

The strategy is to select accessible and effective locations so that Newborn stores are within easy reach of all customers.

Markets in the Region and Beyond

Since its inception in 1990 with the first retail outlet at Al Bustan Centre, Cairo, Newborn Egypt now operates over 50 stores across the region.
Another initiative taken was to expand our feet all over the world. This was done to attract different market segments. Conscious efforts were also made to change the merchandise mix and thus cater to the new needs of its customers.


The USP of the brand is to consistently provide to its customers:

Timeless Quality Product
Exceptional Customer service by well-trained employees.
Strategic Locations – ensuring easy accessibility for its customers.

Keeping it Simple

The corporate value of “Simplicity” is followed at all levels thus ensuring Speed of operations. The business model ensures that processes are simple and efficient thus creating value for its customers.It is from Simplicity that all our other values follow.By keeping it simple, you become more nimble to streamline your operation and allow you the speed to make changes and when required.All of the above ensure that Newborn is able to maintain its competitive edge and can face the day to day challenges of the retail world.


Simple pleasures of basic fashion – that is the driving force of Newborn. Newborn’s styling always revolves around what is relevant, essential and functional. The look is relaxed and the merchandise can easily be mixed together to match any occasion, mood or place. Customers can be assured “to feel good and look great”.
The product development team works continuously on product innovation to provide product differentiation and enhanced valued for the customers. There is continuous process of innovation keeping in mind customer and market needs.

Social Media and E-Commerce

At Newborn we constantly review our relationship and engagement with customers, so we may deliver products and services to meet their needs.
While we continue to use traditional communication channels, we also recognize the importance and depth of the digital and social media, and its phenomenal influence on consumer decision making Our social media platform – most notably Facebook NBmenswear and The Website has delivered real benefits in increasing brand awareness and loyalty, through our greater engagement with customers, new openness and improved customer service. They are telling us what they want and we are listening!

Newborn is also making the move to e-shopping via jumia allowing customers the convenience of purchasing their favourite Newborn items online and deliver it to the door.